VyStar mobile and online banking issues enter week 3


News4JAX continues to hear from VyStar members who are frustrated, tired and tired of waiting for issues with their new online and mobile banking platform to be resolved. VyStar branches closed Monday for Memorial Day, but credit union ATMs were open.

On the VyStar website, connection times aren’t hampered by long wait times like they were last week, but as the first of the month approaches, some VyStar members are concerned about this. which they say is substandard online banking.

“I can’t even transfer money to my phone from your savings to verification,” said VyStar member Lisa Bousquet.

Bill Armstrong told News4JAX, “I can’t watch all the transactions in my checking account, I can watch about five.”

Last Tuesday, VyStar CEO Brian Wolfburg told News4JAX that he expects the credit union’s online banking system to be fully functional by this week.

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But VyStar members tell us that didn’t happen.

News4JAX asked VyStar member Bousquet, “Were you able to connect at all?” Their response, “Barely, like maybe one in ten times trying, then it stops in the middle.”

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“It’s not fully functional,” Armstrong said. “And it’s just kind of a black and white screen. I don’t know if that’s the new look. But if it is, it is, it’s definitely worse than before.

A PR firm representing VyStar declined to answer our question about why a backup system wasn’t immediately implemented when the new platform didn’t work as expected. According to the Nymbus website, VyStar invested $20 million in Nymbus in April 2021. In July 2021, VyStar selected Nymbus as a partner for its new online banking platform. News4JAX asked the PR firm representing VyStar if VyStar conducted an independent process to choose Nymbus without discussing having already invested in Nymbus, but we did not receive a response.

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Joel Swanson, head of member experience at VyStar, previously told News4JAX that Nymbus had implemented a similar system for a $50 billion bank. News4JAX could not find evidence of such an agreement. We asked VyStar and Nymbus what this bank was, but they didn’t answer the question.

“The fact that they started this thing is just amazing,” Armstrong told us. “And I certainly wonder where the responsibility is.”

Again, VyStar’s branches and contact center closed on Memorial Day, but they say members can check their balances and make transfers 24/7 using Magic*Touch phone banking. .

To access your funds and make transfers 24/7 with Magic*Touch, call 904-777-6000 or 800-445-6289 and select option 0.

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