Stay or go? VyStar Members Have Mixed Feelings As Online Banking Troubles Continue Through Week 3


JACKSONVILLE, Florida. – Friday marks three weeks since VyStar Credit Union rolled out its new online banking platform. And yet, the members have problems.

There is still no timeline as to when online banking will be completely fixed. Last Tuesday, the CEO of VyStar told News4JAX that he expects online and mobile banking to be fully functional by this week. But so far, online banking functions are limited and the application does not work at all.

VyStar member Gloria Lewis spoke to News4JAX on Friday when she went to the bank to transfer money and pay a bill.

“I’m sick of it,” Lewis said. “I’m fed up. It’s aggravating. This is the second time we had to go to the bank to do this.

According to a PR firm representing VyStar, the majority of online banking features are available, including the ability to schedule and pay bills, send money using Zelle, view account and recent transactions (all transactions available via statements) and make external transfers.

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Some VyStar members are looking to get a new bank.

A News4JAX insider wrote, “I am leaving tomorrow. I am absolutely terrified of not seeing my account. Enough is enough!!”

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Others are waiting for him.

“I’m going to stay,” said VyStar member Jackie Taylor. “I hadn’t been… discouraged.” As long as I can get my money when I want it.

Internal transfers are not currently available on the VyStar website. News4JAX asked VyStar representatives why the system is not fully functional this week as previously promised.

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They said: “Virtually all features have been available through our online banking platform since May 23 and our teams are working as quickly as possible to bring the remaining features live.”

But some members say they can’t log in at all.

“I can’t access the website,” said VyStar member Patrick Walker. “I have to come in person to collect any of my funds and make any transfers, I have to go to the ATM.”

Via a PR firm, VyStar says it hasn’t gone back to the old system – it’s following its original plan, partnering with fintech firm Nymbus and others suppliers to launch the new platform. He declined to say who the other vendors are, saying, “Like most businesses, VyStar is subject to confidentiality restrictions with the majority of our third-party vendors, including with respect to their identity.”

We asked VyStar how many members left because of this – he said he didn’t have that information. News4JAX has requested an interview with VyStar senior management over the past three days, but no one has been made available. We have also contacted the board of directors and are awaiting a response.

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More than 200 News4JAX insiders have weighed in on the issues — and the responses are mixed.

“I’m leaving as soon as my new account is approved,” one person said.

“By giving them two weeks. If it’s not settled by then I’ll leave after 15 years,” said another.

“I’m not leaving VyStar…I’m staying with this credit union!” One hundred percent happy with this organization,” someone said.

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