Sacombank rewarded for its innovative and revolutionary banking services in Vietnam


Sacombank has continuously innovated and deployed digital solutions and online utilities in line with market trends, such as: 1-chip embedded card technology

Most Innovative Retail Bank, Vietnam 2022

Sacombank has introduced an email transaction service with digital signature and online account opening via eKYC technology

Best Digital Transformation Bank, Vietnam 2022

It is building multi-channel banking (Omni-Chanel Banking) to increase convenience and provide a seamless and comprehensive experience for its customers.

Sacombank has won two awards from International Business magazine for developing some of the most innovative payment and banking solutions in Vietnam.

We have achieved all the important objectives of the restructuring project for 2022 and have seen many breakthroughs in the digitization of banking activities.

— Nguyen Duc Thach Diem, CEO of Sacombank

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, September 29, 2022 / — Saigon Commercial Bank (Sacombank), a banking group based in Vietnam with more than 400 centers in Laos and Cambodia, was recently awarded by International Business Magazine. The two awards they won are “Most Innovative Retail Bank, Vietnam 2022” and “Best Digital Transformation Bank, Vietnam 2022”.

Sacombank recently hit the headlines for announcing a support package to support business clients. The bank announced a 2% interest subsidy to restore production and commercial activities. Under this new initiative, Sacombank will provide an interest rate subsidy of 2% per annum to corporate clients, cooperatives and business households for the purpose of utilizing loan capital in one of registered industries.

Sacombank has played a leading role in the digital transformation of the payment process for 15 years. It has developed credit card solutions to promote the most advanced cashless payment and card markets. What began with simple mainstream technology solutions led to the development of chip technology allowing Sacombank to exist in physical and non-physical versions.

With popular contactless payment solutions such as NFC and 3D Secure Service Version 2.0, Sacombank helps next-generation bank customers make payments in the safest and most convenient way. In July this year, Sacombank set up a new center to continue its efforts to deliver the best customer experiences and improve the efficiency of its sales team.

Ujal Nair, Editor-in-Chief of International Business Magazine, said: “The new helpline and AI technology integrated to enhance the customer experience really shows Sacombank’s commitment to providing the best banking services. . Innovation in retail services and incorporation of the best solutions for the customer make Sacombank one of the most preferred banking partners in Vietnam.

Nguyen Duc Thach Diem, CEO of Sacombank, expressed his gratitude when announcing the award. She said: “It’s a proud moment for us and a big shout out to my team and their dedication and commitment. During the first 6 months of 2022, despite many challenging market conditions, Sacombank maintained strong operating results and maintained stable growth momentum. We have strived to achieve all important objectives of the restructuring project, as well as many breakthroughs in the digitalization of banking activities. We are grateful for this recognition from International Business Magazine. This will inspire the entire Sacombank team to strive for the best and most convenient service for our customers.

About Sacombank
Saigon Commercial Bank (Sacombank) has a registered capital of over VND 12.425 billion, total assets of over VND 160 trillion and serves the financial demands of over 2.6 million customers. The bank has network coverage throughout Vietnam and two neighboring countries, Laos and Cambodia, with 424 transaction branches.

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