Removal of cash banking services from Sandymount is unacceptable, says Bacik


Labor and TD leader for Dublin Bay South, Ivana Bacik, has denounced AIB’s decision to withdraw cash and banking services at Sandymount.

Deputy Bacik was speaking after AIB announced it was cutting cash services from 70 branches nationwide.

“This move, taken by the executives of a majority state-owned bank, is part of a series of attritional attacks on in-person utility and relationship banking services in Dublin Bay South,” Bacik said. .

“The move is particularly alarming at a time when hundreds of thousands of Ulster Bank and KBC customers are looking for a new home for their accounts, and amid a government-led review into the future of the retail bank.

“Decisions like this have the greatest impact on vulnerable customers, especially those who may not be comfortable conducting digital transactions. This is compounded by the closure of the Sandymount Post Office four years ago,” she said.

MP Bacik says there should be “serious consideration” of a “pause or moratorium on branch closures” until a review can be carried out.

“I echo the calls of my colleague Ged Nash TD who has said that the Central Bank should require full community impact assessments to be carried out before banks are allowed to undertake significant changes to their networks of branches.

“Unfortunately, this closure represents a trend towards the complete removal of in-person public services.

“The advent of the Internet has ushered in an era of convenience for those digitally literate to benefit from.

“For the rest of the population, it turned out to be a disempowering and isolating event.

“This is happening across the constituency, such as with the removal of in-person Citizen Information Services in Rathmines and Kimmage.

“Our communities are calling for help to stop the removal of in-person services and I call on the government and the AIB to answer those calls.”


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