Powwi integrates BPC’s digital banking services in Colombia


Payment company based in Colombia powi partnered with a digital payments provider CPC to implement the latter’s SmartVista suite.

Under the terms of their five-year agreement, Powwi will implement BPC’s SmartVista suite to manage its clients’ transactional service needs and help drive growth across Colombia. This platform offers a selection of modules that can be used as micro-services to deliver a complete end-to-end banking and payment experience or standalone.

Powwi will implement the platform to provide an augmented experience to its customers. BPC’s SmartVista will drive the internet and mobile devices, providing real-time banking services such as account balances and information, funds transfers, bill payments and service payment. It will also simplify the possibility of opening online accounts for transactions with a complete digital security system.

Powwi achieves financial inclusion by leveraging an aggregator model that expands its network of businesses, non-profit organizations and microfinance institutions, from cooperatives and residential complexes to loan originators and compensation fund providers. Together, these players are used as a channel to disburse small loans and support bank account services for Powwi customers, who also receive debit and prepaid cards issued by Visa and Mastercard.


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