No need to go to a branch, get banking services by phone; Know how


SBI Toll Free Number: State Bank of India or SBI, India’s largest public sector bank, has recently launched two new toll free numbers to make banking easier for its customers. SBI’s new toll-free numbers will help facilitate the lender’s banking services and provide a seamless experience for its members. In addition to not having to go around the agency to do a job, SBI clients will also be able to benefit from several services on Sundays and holidays.

What are the new SBI toll-free numbers?

The two new toll free numbers of State Bank of India are: 1800 1234 or 1800 2100. Depending on the bank, by dialing these two numbers SBI customers can meet their needs. “Meet your banking needs, just call!” Call the SBI Contact Center toll free on 1800 1234 or 1800 2100,” SBI said in a tweet on Sunday.

SBI Toll Free Number: Services Provided

SBI toll-free numbers will provide a host of banking services, including card blocking and card request. The services will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, i.e. customers can avail SBI banking services even on Sundays as well as public holidays without having to visit a branch. Here are the services that can be used through SBI toll-free numbers.

– By dialing the SBI freephone numbers 1800 1234 and 1800 2100, SBI customers can check their account balance and view their last five transactions.

– They can also know the blocking status of their ATM card as well as the shipping status of the card.

– By dialing the SBI toll-free number, customers can check the shipping status of their checkbooks and also request a new ATM card in case they have blocked the previous one for some reason.

– Customers can also get their TDS details and Certificate of Deposit Interest via email using the SBI toll free number.

Who can benefit from the SBI toll-free number service?

According to the State Bank of India website, numbers can be dialed from landlines and mobiles nationwide. “Please call SBI’s 24/7 helpline number i.e. 1800 1234 (freephone), 1800 11 2211 (freephone), 1800 425 3800 (freephone), 1800 2100 (toll free) or 080-26599990. The toll free numbers can be accessed from all landlines and mobiles in the country,” it says. “SBI now provides your account balance and transaction details over the phone 24 hours a day. Information on deposits and loan programs and services is also available,” the website says in another note.

SBI customers can dial these numbers from any location at any time from the comfort of wherever they are. So it saves time and doesn’t have to go to a branch to get services, as well as friendly for those who are not digitally strong enough to use the services of the website or app.

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