NBE launches 1st stage of digital banking via online account opening


National Bank of Egypt (NBE) – Wikimedia Commons

CAIRO – January 2, 2022: The National Bank of Egypt (NBE) on Sunday announced the availability of a new service that allows such people to open new accounts through the bank’s website, where the service carries the name “Open your account from where you are”. “

NBE Board Chairman Hisham Okasha said the new service stems from the bank’s belief in the importance of achieving the highest level of services provided to its new customers in an advanced manner. that meets their needs, and offers the easiest ways to obtain these services while offering the highest security rates.

“These are the first digital banking steps taken by the National Bank of Egypt that come in support of its digital transformation strategy, which the bank started by opening the first “mechanized” e-services branch in Egypt in early 2019, and as the extension of the expansion in achieving financial inclusion, which is one of the most important pillars of the State and the Central Bank,” he noted.

Okasha added that the service comes after in-depth studies carried out by the bank’s specialized teams on the most important needs of the market to ensure that the bank continues to achieve the best customer satisfaction rates, in order to improve the digital customer experience in various aspects of banking work. and in step with the rapid global developments, especially as the bank aims to reach the various banking services to the greatest number of citizens in the various governorates of the Republic.

Vice Chairman of the NBE Board, Yahya Aboul Fotouh, confirmed that providing the service of opening a new account for new customers through the bank’s website will enable the customer to complete the form. electronic account opening and also to view all the conditions for opening the account.

Aboul Fotouh pointed out that until the adoption of electronic signature and “know your electronic customer E-KYC” service by the Central Bank, and to facilitate new customers, the National Bank of Egypt has made this service available through the bank’s website, and the customer will choose the branch closest to his head office to go to, as well as the convenient time for him to print the form, sign it and receive the account number in a few minutes, with the possibility of receiving the direct debit card from the account in real time. This is a stage in which the bank seeks to provide the best and simplest means to serve its customers in the shortest possible time; This positively supports the financial inclusion system.

For her part, the Vice-Chairman of the NBE Board of Directors, Dalia El-Baz, added that the bank attaches great importance to facilitating procedures for its various customers, and for the first time in the Egyptian banking sector. , the bank provides a special service for women, the elderly and the physically disabled, which is the home visit service (DoorStep Banking), through which the customer service employee in the branches of the bank is directed to the customer’s headquarters to register their electronic form without the need to visit the branch, and these are the services that come from the NBE, believing in its role in serving the community in its various categories and its quest to include these groups in the banking system.


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