Lloyds, Halifax and TSB went down, leaving customers unable to access credit card details and online banking


HUNDREDS of banking customers have been left without access to their credit card details or had problems with online banking today.

Several banks have experienced outages or problems with bank cards, including Lloyds, Halifax and TSB, according to Downdetector.


The TSB, Halifax and Lloyds suffered outages and hundreds of customers reported problemsCredit: Alamy

Reports of problems began around 7:20 a.m. with hundreds of TSB customers unable to access mobile and online banking.

Then Lloyds and Halifax customers started reporting problems accessing their credit card details.

It is not yet clear what was behind the outage.

Downdetector was also reporting dozens of problems with Visa and Mastercard.

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However, Mastercard and Visa said they had no issues.

The TSB, Lloyds and Halifax have now all said the issues have been resolved.

Lloyds, which also runs Halifax, tweeted: “Customers can now review their credit card details.

“We’re sorry if this issue affected you today.”

As a TSB spokesperson said earlier: “While most of our customers can access mobile or online banking, we are aware that some are experiencing issues.

“We are working hard to resolve this issue and apologize for any inconvenience.”

Customers took to social media earlier over the issues of sharing their frustration.

A Lloyds customer tweeted the bank saying: “Do you know when it will be operational again?

“I need to make my monthly payment today so I don’t incur interest charges.”

Meanwhile, a Halifax customer said: ‘I’ve been getting a declined payment, five times now.’

One TSB customer said: “Sitting on hold all morning waiting for @TSB.”

This isn’t the first time TSB has gone down, leaving customers stranded.

The bank suffered an outage in July with hundreds of people affected.

Halifax and Lloyds went down for two days in August as well.

Can I claim compensation for a breakdown?

Unlike telecommunications companies, banks are not required to compensate customers in the event of breakdowns or technical problems.

But you may be entitled to a refund depending on the extent of the disruption that affected you as a consumer.

To claim a claim, you must submit evidence of how the breakdown adversely affected you, including any additional costs incurred.

This may take the form of late payment fees.

You should write down when you were unable to access services as well as the names of people you spoke to about the company that experienced the outage.

You can find more details on how to make a complaint to Lloyds Bank, Halifax and Bank of Scotland on their websites.

You can find more details on how to file a complaint with the TSB on its website.

If your bank does not resolve any complaints, you can take your case to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

This is an independent body that will resolve any issues based on what it believes to be “fair and reasonable” based on the circumstances of the case.

The service can solve your problem by phone, by e-mail or by mail according to what suits you best.

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In the event of a bank computer system failure, the FOS says any compensation you may receive will depend on your situation and whether you lost money as a result.

If it finds that the bank was at fault, you can see any fees, charges or fines refunded.


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