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MY age (91) finally caught up with me. For technical reasons, to avoid the closure of our two professional bank accounts on my death or that of my wife, we need two new accounts, this time with our four children, two of whom live abroad.

If our accounts are closed, until probate is obtained, none of our fairly substantial rental income will come in, no standing orders or direct debits will be processed and our executors will have to recover several tens of thousands of pounds of rents. Services will likely be cut and our employees unpaid.

Opening new bank accounts must now be done online. First, create a new password and make the system remember it. Then answer dozens of questions. With great difficulty, because closing an unfinished page to search for information kills it. Everything that entered was gone when I restarted.

By the time I had my fourth child who lives in Spain, I knew what to expect, when he moved to his current address, where and since when had he lived before, date of birth, dual nationality? etc etc., only to fall at the last hurdle, as he does not have a mobile phone in the UK. Fearing that all entries would be lost, I saved the page by inventing a number.

After spending hours on my computer, I was then asked to sign a piece of paper, photograph it and type it into the system, something I was never able to do, so I gave up, he was late.

Today I tried again, only to find that a new password had to be created and a special code number obtained on my phone – needless to say, after several attempts I couldn’t get through this obstacle. I have now offered to go to any branch within a 50 mile radius to give our signatures. but all the bank could offer me was for someone to call me in ten days!

I had a home visit from two senior bankers when I first opened the accounts, the process took minutes!! Plus I got a good letter opener!

Keith Webb,

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