Kuching pensioner loses about RM25,000 in online bank fraud


Chong shows the police report filed by the victim during the press conference at DAP Sarawak headquarters.

KUCHING (June 22): A pensioner has lost about RM25,000 through more than 60 unauthorized transactions in three months in another case of internet banking fraud, the chairman of the Democratic Action Party (DAP) of Sarawak has said, Chong Chieng Jen.

Speaking at a press conference held at DAP Sarawak headquarters, Chong said the 72-year-old victim, who preferred to remain anonymous, had since filed a police report and was waiting for a response from the bank.

“The victim recently discovered that there were numerous unauthorized transactions in his savings account, into which his pension was paid,” he said yesterday.

Chong said the modus operandi for this case appeared to be different as the victim’s money was illegally transferred out of the account via a large number of transactions as low as RM2.30, instead of one. lump sum.

He said the money was illegally transferred in a different amount for each transaction, ranging from RM2.30, RM100, RM200, RM300 to RM6,000.

Chong said the illegal transactions took place between March and the beginning of this month, and the victim filed a police report on June 3 and filed a complaint against the bank involved.

The victim said he never used online banking for any transaction and also withdrew the remaining sum of RM3,000 from his savings account to prevent the money from falling between hands of the fraudster.

Thus, Chong said banks must pay immediate attention to deal with rampant cases of online banking fraud and take responsibility for the financial losses suffered by victims.

He said the overall response from the banks involved in handling these cases was undesirable and he hopes financial institutions will be more proactive in dealing with the plight of the victim.

“I will surely raise this issue in the next parliamentary session and I think the finance minister needs to do something because this missing money is the victim’s hard-earned savings.”

While waiting for the bank to respond to the victim’s claim, Chong urged all victims of online banking fraud to constantly follow up with their bank until a solution is found.

Chong also pointed to the irony that banking institutions are encouraging customers to switch to online banking and yet such cases of fraud are now happening on a large scale in the country.

In another case, Chong said he received another case where a victim lost RM30,000 in one day after his daily online banking limit of RM3,000 was changed without permission.

However, Chong said the incident happened over a year ago and he was still figuring out how to help the victim.


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