Kiwibank application, online banking out of use again: ‘Change bank as soon as I can’

Kiwibank's troubles have entered a third week.


Kiwibank’s troubles have entered a third week.

Kiwibank’s online banking services are once again inaccessible, prompting complaints from customers.

The bank has been facing “intermittent issues” since a DDoS attack hit several banks and organizations earlier this month.

A customer said on Tuesday it was the third or fourth time they had been unable to access their accounts within a month. “It’s so disturbing.”

Another said he was trying to pay for his car registration and was told by the NZTA that Kiwibank services were not available.

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Kiwibank posted on its Facebook page on Tuesday morning that it was aware of an issue with its internet banking app and services and was working to resolve it.

He said automatic payments should continue as normal.

Some customers said they planned to switch banks during the disruption. “You absolutely have to change banks! It happens too often,” one wrote.

Another said: “I will change banks as soon as possible.”

In a statement, a spokeswoman for the bank acknowledged issues with internet banking, the bank’s app and telephone banking.

“We know what the problem is and we have teams working urgently to restore services for customers. There are no current issues with payments, ATMs or cards. We know this is impacting our customers and we sincerely apologize. We also acknowledge the frustration of not being able to provide more information at this stage.

DDoS attacks involve cybercriminals overloading and blocking an organization’s online services by bombarding their Internet-connected systems with large amounts of traffic.

Because they do not involve hacking into an organization’s computer systems, there is no risk of bank customers losing money or having information stolen by this type of attack.

Banking expert Claire Matthews, from Massey University, said people’s first response to a problem with a bank was often to say they would move.

“In practice, some will because the problem was serious enough to be worth it,” she said.

“However, most won’t because once the problem is solved, the problem fades from memory, plus there’s the difficulty of doing it and the fact that it’s not something you can really do immediately.

“I feel like Kiwibank’s biggest problem is that they don’t keep their customers sufficiently informed, for example there doesn’t seem to be anything on their website. Also they are not clear about the problem – I think their customers would be more understanding if they knew why there is a problem rather than just finding that they can’t do their banking.


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