Intergiro and Incharge will offer free banking services to Ukrainian refugees


In order to support Ukrainians fleeing the conflict, In chargea company founded with IntergiroThe Banking as a Service solution from “Intergiro.3d”, created a banking services application specifically for refugees. The app will offer free banking services and physical or virtual debit cards to all Ukrainian nationals fleeing the country following the Russian invasion.

The app was released exactly one month after the start of the invasion, which led to more than 3.7 million people seeking refuge in bordering countries, with limited possessions and documents. Those refugees who need access to banking and financial services to buy essential goods, pay bills and send money to their families, can now open an InCharge account remotely, easily and at no cost.

Both Intergiro and Incharge have Ukrainian colleagues on their teams, which provided an extra feeling and reason to provide a product to support the Ukrainian people.

“The conflict in Ukraine has forced many people to flee their homes and seek refuge in neighboring countries. We want to help these people by offering them free account services, which will make it easier for them to access their money and get by in these difficult times,” said Incharge director Enrique Espinosa.

A useful feature of the Incharge app is that in addition to being native to Apple and Android, there is also a Progressive Web App (“PWA”) version, which means people don’t need to have a specific type of phone to register and use the service — all they need is a phone or a computer with a web browser. The website and app are available in English and Ukrainian, while the support channel is run by Ukrainian-speaking volunteers.

To help get to market in such a short time, Incharge and Intergiro were proud to be supported by a global network of QA volunteers who take it upon themselves to help with projects they believe in.

“We built Intergiro for innovators and changemakers, so we’re now pretty used to seeing awesome and creative uses of our APIs, but what Incharge has done has blown us away,” said Nick Root, CEO of Intergiro. “Could there be a better and more meaningful showcase for integrated finance and technology in general? A fully functional banking application, designed, tested and deployed in less than 4 weeks, using open source testing and a volunteer support team on Telegram, to help people in desperate need. Refugees need our help, and we pledge to do all we can to support them,” added root.

To use the Incharge app, all you need to do is:

  • Visit or download the app from the iOS or Android app store.
  • Tap “Register” and continue with the onboarding process. This process starts in English by default, but Ukrainians can easily change the language via a selection box (EN for English, UA for Ukrainian)
  • Identity verification is done through Intergiro’s integration APIs. Simply upload your national document, be it a passport or ID card
  • Start using Incharge

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