Disney+ Hotstar Malaysia stops supporting online banking for payment


Disney+ Hotstar Malaysia stopped supporting online banking payments just three months after its debut in the country. Many subscribers are currently deciding whether they want to continue their subscription. Notably, their subscription plan is valid for three months and they pay RM54.90 for the service. Disney+ is one of the most popular streaming services in the world. Its popularity continues to skyrocket despite offering less content than Netflix. While riding on its success, Disney + spares no effort to offer essential subscription offers to its users.

For example, Disney+ offered a gigantic 70% discount last year to celebrate its anniversary. On top of that, the popular streaming service is introducing several offers that encourage subscribers to renew their subscription as soon as it expires. Now, it’s been three months since Disney+ Hotstar landed in Malaysia, and many are gearing up to renew their subscriptions. However, the streaming service recently made a notable change to the subscription renewal process.

Disney+ Hotstar Malaysia removes online banking payment option

According to a report by Amanz, Disney+ Hotstar Malaysia will not support payments through online banking (aka FPX). In other words, you can no longer use online payment methods to renew your initial Disney+ Hotstar subscription in the country. However, it should be mentioned here that the option was deactivated on August 17, 2021. Unfortunately, Disney+ Hotstar Malaysia did not provide any explanation for the removal of the online payment option. Nevertheless, the FAQ page on the company’s website in Malaysia states that credit and debit cards “provide a possible payment experience.”

Disney+ Hotstar Malaysia Payment Options

Other than that, the page suggests that subscribers in the Southeast country can use debit or credit cards to activate auto-renewal. Interestingly, the other payment option available to iOS users is App Store Direct Billing. The move comes just a month after Disney+ disclosed its expansion plan to 42 countries around the world. In the meantime, Disney+ is still mum on its decision to discontinue the online payment method in Malaysia.

It remains unclear whether Disney+ Hotstar Malaysia will offer digital or physical gift cards for its services in the country. For those unaware, digital or physical gift cards for the Disney+ Hotstar streaming service are currently available in India, the United States, and other select regions. So it looks like Malaysian Disney+ Hotstar subscribers will have to avail themselves of the current payment options. These payment options are listed on the official website for them to renew their subscription.


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