Customers across the country no longer have access to online banking services on payday due to a computer outage


The construction company had hundreds of users reporting issues with money transfers, online banking and mobile apps as of this morning, according to website DownDetector.

Money transfers and online banking were issues for Nationwide customers today

At national scale Construction company users were unable to pay their bills due to a software failure this morning.

Customers reported issues with funds transfer and online and mobile bankingaccording to the DownDetector website.

The problem meant that some Britons could not receive their wages and settle their bills.

One Twitter user said: “Is there any certainty that this will be fixed today? Because otherwise I can’t get my salary and therefore I can’t pay my bills.”

Customers started reporting issues around 4am this morning.

Problems have been reported across the country, with hotspots in London, Birmingham and Glasgow.

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A Nationwide spokesperson said: “There is currently a delay regarding faster payouts due to a technical issue which we are working hard to resolve.

“Transactions are temporarily queued while we restore services to normal and will be processed as soon as possible. All other services are working.”

Another client of the construction company said: “[This is the] second time this has happened recently, I have two young children to support and I don’t have access to my money.”

Nationwide said customers can still use their cards to pay for goods and services, access the internet and mobile banking, and withdraw cash from ATMs.

The Nationwide spokesperson added: “No member will be left behind as a result of this issue and all associated Nationwide fees and charges will be refunded.

“We apologize for any inconvenience caused.”

Nationwide last reported a Computer failure on the last day of 2021reported The Mirror.

The bank confirmed that some payments due to affected accounts overnight had been delayed, leaving some customers waiting for their money.

One person complained on social media saying, “I am waiting for my salary and nada, is this a national issue?

“I don’t want to start contacting my work if it’s not an issue with Nationwide, from what I’ve seen a lot of people have the same issue.”

A second tweeted: ‘So Nationwide is down again and I’m yet again waiting for salaries to come in. I have bills to pay this is unacceptable.’

There was a similar problem on December 21, 2021, causing problems for some customers in the run-up to Christmas.

At the time, Nationwide customers had problems transferring funds (57%), accessing mobile banking (21%) and using online banking (22%).

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