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The Bank On Certified Account offers users a new option to access banking services and achieve their financial goals.

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama, September 30, 2021–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Regions Bank on Thursday announced the launch of Regions Now CheckingSMa current account that combines the convenience of a modern bank with the absence of overdraft fees.

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Regions Bank has announced the launch of Regions Now Checking, a Bank On certified account that combines the convenience of modern banking with no overdraft fees. (Photo: BusinessWire)

The account meets the Cities for Financial Empowerment (CFE) National Fund standards for Bank On certification.

Regions Now Checking complements Regions’ suite of Now Banking financial solutions. With a low, fixed monthly fee of $5, Regions Now Checking customers won’t have to pay overdraft fees or insufficient funds. Regions Now Checking also offers the features of a traditional checking account, such as check writing and mobile and online banking with bill payment and Zelle® – all in accordance with Bank On National Account standards. Additionally, Regions Now Checking accounts can be linked to other Regions accounts for overdraft protection with no overdraft protection transfer fee.

“We’re here to meet people where they are and help them get to where they want to be in terms of achieving their financial goals,” said Scott Peters, Group Head of Consumer Banking for Regions Bank. “Regions Now Checking is a natural extension of our commitment to making banking easier by helping people manage and grow their finances through innovative and convenient options. This account also complements the financial wellness and budgeting tools available free for everyone through the Regions Next Step® program and Our teams work every day to provide people with personalized financial information and advice, and we are delighted to add Regions Now Checking to our comprehensive network of services and solutions .

The Bank On certification focuses on providing banking solutions to the underbanked and ensuring that everyone has access to a safe and affordable bank account. The CFE Fund supports financial empowerment strategies in communities across the country and works to improve the financial stability of low- and middle-income households. This aligns with the regions’ emphasis on financial inclusiveness and efforts to meet the financial needs of existing customers as well as those not yet served by the banking system.

“The Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund is delighted to award its national Bank On account certification to Regions Bank’s Regions Now Checking account,” said Jonathan Mintz, President and CEO of the Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund. “This account offers consumers in the Southeast, Midwest and Texas looking to improve their finances a safe, affordable and truly useful consumer banking product – this is especially important during COVID-19 as consumers need to access and manage their money both affordably and securely. Regions Bank’s provision of this great account puts them at the forefront of national access to banking efforts, and we thank them for that.

In addition to the current region audit, other progress regions have made over the past year includes moving to an improved time order posting process. Through this process, regions continue to apply credits and deposits available each day to accounts first – before debits, payments and withdrawals are processed – giving customers the highest available balance to cover payments or withdrawals of the day. New is a more real-time approach to processing debits, payments, transfers and withdrawals to better reflect the order in which these transactions were received by the bank.

Regions has also reduced the number of overdraft and insufficient funds fees that customers can charge each day on other types of accounts. Additionally, the bank changed the way checks are processed on personal accounts to show pending transactions sooner, and regions improved account alerts to make it easier for customers to know about transactions and balances. Customers can set custom alerts, such as deposit and withdrawal alerts, to track their transactions and balances.

Regions have also improved their online and mobile banking services by using simpler language to describe pending transactions and providing expiration dates to indicate when pending funds from a deposited check will be available. Customers now also see a forecasted available balance, which is their estimated available balance after the next nightly release.

Advancing financial well-being is a key priority for Regions Bank. In addition to the Regions Next Step program, Regions has supported a variety of financial education opportunities in the Southeast, Midwest and Texas for many years. This includes the Regions’ growing financial support for Operation HOPE and its free HOPE Inside counseling at various Region branches and through community workshops. Regions also works with schools, colleges, universities and other organizations to connect people with free information to help them build a secure financial future.

Customers interested in opening a Regions Now Checking account can learn more at, by visiting a Regions branch or by calling 1-800-REGIONS.

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Regions Financial Corporation (NYSE:RF), with $156 billion in assets, is a member of the S&P 500 Index and is one of the nation’s largest full-service providers of retail and commercial banking, wealth management and mortgage products and services. Regions serves customers in the South, Midwest and Texas and, through its subsidiary, Regions Bank, operates more than 1,300 banking offices and approximately 2,000 ATMs. Regions Bank is a Housing Equality Lender and Member of the FDIC. Additional information about Regions and its full line of products and services is available at

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