BBVA’s online bank goes down for hours and leaves customers without web and app service


A computer failure left the customer areas of the BBVA website and mobile banking application out of service, so that the bank’s millions of customers have accumulated several hours since Thursday morning without being able to use its services.

The bank itself explained via your Twitter social network profilewhere he published that the entity was the victim of “technical problems”. Although he announced at the time that his teams “They are working to restore service as soon as possible”customers still cannot access their bank.

It is precisely through social networks that these customers have expressed their anger and denounced the impossibility of accessing the services of the BBVA app and website both in their personal finances and to go about their business.

At the time of writing this news, the bank’s website does not allow access to the customer area, where it is indicated “it is currently not possible to access online banking for technical reasons” and the user is prompted to try again after a few minutes.

It is second failure in less than a week. The last Friday the bank used the same channel, his Twitter account, to report problems accessing the bank’s services. The problem was solved in a few hours.


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