7 tips to protect yourself from online banking fraud


Gone are the days of queuing at a bank to perform any banking transaction. Thanks to technology, there is not so much fuss to access banking services. From online purchases to payments, digital banking has become our preferred partner. While technology has made banking easier for us, it has also increased the risk of online banking fraud. Therefore, it is essential that you understand how to protect yourself from such threats.

Here are 7 tips to protect yourself from online banking fraud:

1. Keep Changing Your Password Over Time

It is crucial to change your password every two to three months to protect yourself from potential hackers. Also, whenever you update your password, always set a strong password, which includes at least eight characters – a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. And it goes without saying that do not share your password with anyone.

2. Never use public computers for NetBanking

Avoid using public computers for NetBanking at all costs. Using a public device makes your bank details more prone to threats, and the hacker could easily get their hands on your secure information, which can cause you problems of losing money in your bank account. Therefore, make it a rule of thumb in life never to use public computers for online banking and escape the hustle and bustle of anti-fraud.

3. Use only verified apps or websites for online banking

It is always advisable to use secure and verified apps or websites to perform any online monetary transaction. Using an unauthorized app or website can lead to online banking fraud. Therefore, always access genuine applications or websites that facilitate and secure transactions. On this front, Airtel Payments Bank is a trusted online banking platform that keeps all your online transactions safe and secure. Its 2-factor authentication with an additional third layer of security – Airtel secure payment – ensure that no money is withdrawn from your account without your consent.

4. Make sure you only use secure internet connections

If we have free internet, we will use it! And in popular public places, people tend to use the free internet provided for all sorts of things including banking or payments. As exciting as it sounds, using the free internet, which may not be secure, can be a major threat to your sensitive banking information. Therefore, always register with a secure internet connection when making payments online. Also, be sure to secure your home wireless Internet connection with a strong password.

5. Don’t fall prey to phishing or vishing scams

You must have come across emails, calls, and messages that attempt to trick you into disclosing your financial information. The scammer may act as a bank clerk verifying your bank or OTP details in the name of cashback, rewards, etc. Once he has obtained the required information, he can access your bank account without your knowledge. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid clicking or responding to suspicious links or calls that might help hackers get their hands on your bank account. To prevent such mishaps from occurring, Airtel Payments Bank provides an additional layer of security Airtel secure payment which alerts you before any withdrawal from your account. This ensures that no unauthorized transactions take place under your watch.

6. Secure your computers

With the increase in cyber attacks, installing antivirus software on your personal computer is essential. Not only installing, but also regularly updating and activating anti-virus software on your computer is a must. This helps combat threats and malicious activity that may cause your sensitive information to be lost to fraud.

7. Be extremely careful when using your debit/credit card

There have been numerous reported incidents of card fraud recorded in the name of offering travel benefits, packages and more. If you lose your card, report it and have it blocked immediately by the bank. In addition to this, never share your credit/debit card details with a stranger over phone or text. Also transact only through a genuine POS terminal.

With all the ways a hacker could pose a threat to your online banking experience, it’s essential to outsmart them and learn ways to prevent it. Regarding this, Airtel Payments Bank can be your greatest asset when it comes to protecting your online transactions with a transparent and threat-proof experience. Now is the time to be wise in your transaction choices for a better and safer digital environment.

Disclaimer: This article was written on behalf of Airtel Payments Bank by Times Internet Spotlight Team.



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